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Employment Mediation Corp (“EMC”)

Mediation Fee Schedule

Effective 01/01/2022


Class Actions; PAGA Representative Actions; and/or Collective Actions * 

Individual Actions

(1, 2, or 3 Plaintiffs/Charging Parties)


Standard Full Day Rate

Standard Full Day Rate

Half Day Rate





*Collective Actions are defined

as cases involving four (4) or

more Plaintiffs/Charging Parties

  • Full Day Mediations: the rates listed above are billed at a flat rate which includes: all preparation time; any pre-mediation calls with counsel and/or parties if desired by the parties or by the mediator; unlimited hours of session time on the scheduled day; and reasonable follow-up work to ensure or finalize a mutually satisfactory resolution.

  • Half Day Mediations: half-day mediations are also available for qualified cases, at the flat rates listed above, and include the neutral’s services for up to four (4) hours of “hearing” time, exclusive of the review and preparation time that will be undertaken beforehand.

  • The rates indicated above may be split equally among the parties, or split otherwise per parties’ agreement. Please let our office know of the fee split upon scheduling.



Parties must advance all fees in order to secure reserved date(s). All EMC invoices are due and payable upon receipt. Our agreement to render services is with the attorney or representative of the parties and payment is and remains the responsibility of the recipient and/or their firm or company until received in full.

Cancellations must be requested in writing and copied to all parties. If any matter is canceled 14 days or lessfrom the scheduled mediation date, the mediation fee is non-refundable and due and payable by the party(ies) requesting the cancellation. However, no fee will be due if EMC is able to successfully fill the vacated time with another matter. 

EMC is flexible and willing to work with the parties on good-faith requests to continue or postpone your mediation to a later date – any payments received before the request will be applied toward the new date, and no cancellation or administrative fee will apply. However, we respectfully request as MUCH advance notice for a request for continuance/postponement as possible be given to EMC, to allow us to try to book the date with another matter. 

PLEASE NOTE: EMC reserves the right to cancel any hearing where all fees have not been received timely by the stated invoice due date.

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